We had a beautiful and amazing Bazaar on November 15th & 16th.  It is hard to find the words to express the gratitude we feel toward the many volunteers who helped us to achieve this success.

Thanks to the Bazaar Committee who met throughout the year to organize and plan. We are grateful for the many volunteers who made items to sell including the many beautiful decorations, baked goods & candy, as well as the crafts and needlework items.  Thank you to everyone who donated items throughout the year for our Boutique, Fashion Corner and Collectibles areas.  We would also like to acknowledge the many volunteers who set up the Bazaar including decorating the center to give the event a beautiful spirit-filled holiday look.  Finally, we thank everyone who helped during the Bazaar and the important job of the teardown after the event.

We wish to also give special thanks to the following volunteers:  Richard and Ginny Shar for their tireless efforts throughout the year, going through the many donations, sorting and pricing; Jeanne Searer for organizing the Baked Goods area; Mary Ann Schill for organizing the Candy Section; Judy Peterson and the Sewing Group for all their tireless hours making crafts and needlework items; new volunteer Marie Bontigao who spent countless hours decorating and staff members Aretha Rochester and Burt Lutz who really came through for us all before and during the event!

The entire planning team received an e-mail from volunteer, Mary Ann Schill.  She granted us permission to share some of her words which we believe say it all!

I think that this year’s bazaar was the best one yet!! They have been spectacular in the past…but the changes implemented this year gave it a needed facelift!

I overheard so many wonderful compliments from our patrons. I witnessed exclamations & facial expressions of awe & wonder as people entered the hallway.

It was stunning! It instilled a spirit of joy & nostalgia! Many of our shoppers walked through two & three times to make sure they hadn’t missed anything or made multiple trips to their cars to unload their first purchases and then came back in to look & buy more!

I overheard one lady saying to her friend, “I’m really enjoying this. I don’t know if it’s because it’s my first bazaar this year or because the prices are wonderful.”

They say “it takes a village to raise a family”…..but, it also “takes a village to make a successful fundraiser”. To the entire planning committee…..thank you for your sacrifice and sharing of your time, talent & treasure.

My hope for everyone is that you went home tonight with a great feeling of gratification knowing that everything you did was so beneficial to the Center and the community that it serves.

God bless all of you!!”