A Warm Welcome to our Newest Member Director

We are happy to welcome new board member, Marge Laigaie.  On December 15th Marge was elected by KASC members to represent them on the Board of Directors.

Marge joined KASC in January of 2014.  Shortly after, she began coming regularly to the Center for classes and activities including camera class and one of her favorites, tea parties.  In 2015 Marge began volunteering on the tea party committee and she also works on the legislative committee.

Marge is currently retired and lives in New Garden Township.  During her work years Marge wore many hats.  She has worked as a realtor, homemaker, and for the Philadelphia Department of Revenue.  She looks forward to representing members and helping KASC to grow and expand its’ programming.  She believes she is a good fit as a Member Director because she is enthusiastic, not afraid to say what is on her mind, energetic, and goal oriented.