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Medicare News: Do I have to pay anything for my Annual Wellness Visit?

The Annual Wellness Visit is one of the many preventive services that Medicare covers for free. If you have Original Medicare, you will pay no coinsurance or deductible for the Annual Wellness Visit and other preventive care services, as long as you see a health care provider who accepts Medicare assignment. This means that the doctor cannot charge you more than the Medicare-approved amount for services you receive. If you have a Medicare Advantage Plan, you will pay no coinsurance/copayment or deductible for any preventive service that is free for people with Original Medicare, as long as you see an in-network provider.

The Annual Wellness Visit is a Medicare-covered preventive screening, and no cost-sharing applies. However, if your provider investigates or treats a symptom during your Annual Wellness Visit, this care is not part of the visit, and you may be responsible for certain costs.  During your Annual Wellness Visit, you will discuss your plan of preventive care for the coming year. This visit is similar to your Welcome to Medicare visit in that it continues to examine your health and update your preventive care plan.

As part of your Annual Wellness Visit, your provider may:

  • Update your health-risk assessment
  • Update your medical and family history
  • Check your weight and blood pressure
  • Update your list of current medical providers and suppliers
  • Screen for cognitive issues
  • Update your screening schedule from previous wellness visits
  • Update your list of risk factors and conditions and the care that you are receiving or that is recommended
  • Provide health advice and referrals to health education or preventive counseling programs


Kennett Area Senior Center Provides These Services

  • Assisted Senior Program
  • Information and Referral Services
  • LiHeap Energy Assistance
  • Medicare \ Medicaid Counseling
  • Rent Rebate Assistance – Deadline 12/31/18
  • Senior Food Box (monthly from Chester County Foodbank)
  • Tax preparation assistance (AARP)
  • AARP Safe Driver Course
  • Reading or filling out forms

Chester County Food Bank
Chester County Senior Food Box Program (CCSFBP)

This program that helps seniors gain access to nutritious foods so they can better improve their health. Each food box may contain: fruit, non-perishable proteins, vegetables, carbohydrates & dairy.

To qualify for the program, participants must be:

  • 60 years or older
  • Low Income
  • A resident of Chester County, PA

Proof of age is required at sign up. There is no charge for this food. If you qualify, then the CCSFBP Box can be picked up on the 1st Wednesday of every month between 1pm-3pm. If you cannot pick up the box on this day or by the second week of the month, please call.

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