Do you remember the advertising campaign for milk that asked “Got Milk?” We need to ask ourselves “Got water?” Drinking water is very important for each of us especially for the senior population. In addition to losing our sense of thirst as we age, some medications cause our bodies’ water supply to be depleted.  Our bodies are three-fourths water so we need to continuously flush fresh water through. Some experts remind us to drink “8 by 8”. Drinking eight glasses of fluids each day can keep us hydrated, increase energy, regulate body temperature and carry nutrients throughout the bloodstream. Water, juices and milk can count towards our number of glasses of beverages each day, but not alcohol or beverages with caffeine. Many foods have water in them like apples, tomatoes and cucumbers. It is important to speak with your doctor about how much water you should drink and check if you need to regulate your water intake. Perhaps in the New Year we can each commit to drinking 1-2 more glasses of water a day.

Tufts University Center on Nutrition redesigned the USDA Food Pyramid to include eight glasses of water as the foundation for the pyramid as a reminder of the importance of drinking plenty of fluids. At KASC, we encourage our ASP friends to drink water. Do you do this for yourself?